Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reasons to Watch Rakista's Replay at 1pm this Sunday

Missed Rakista last Thursday, October 16? Or simply can't get enough of life in the University (which bears no resemblance to Ateneo, UP or UST at all, nosiree)? Whatever your reason, you have to tune in to the replay this Sunday, October 19 at 1pm on TV5 (That's channel 5 in lay speak) for an episode filled with music, laughter, and Sven.

Highlights include:

1. Sonny, golden boy, student body president and captain of the men's swim team making moonie moonie in the locker area. In trunks. Hello, ladies!

2. Women's swom team captain Sadie Lopez being pushed into the pool by Coach Pontri.

3. A special appearance by everyone's favorite sidekick, Alvarez!

4. An almost-murder mystery, with Sven and super cute RJ hot on the case!

5. A Sven and RJ MOMOL (make out make out lang) scene. About two minutes long. With tongue. Not to be missed!

6. Special guest appearance by the Greyhoundz' Reg Rubio. Find out what happened to him after kupaw music got killed by acoustic!

7. Special guest appearance by Nyoy Volante! This is funnier than it sounds.

8. Ninjas! Well, one ninja. Plus a ninja training montage. No series is complete without one.

9. Feral turon-hungry table tennis team players on the prowl!

10. Sonny lets slip a clue to next week's musical guests. Clue: They're a band. All right, all right. Bigger clue: They're a pretty popular band. If you want to know who they are, you'll have to watch next week's episode!

Meanwhile, hide the remote and save a seat in front of the TV this Sunday at 1pm, for the series that puts the rock and roll in Rock and Roll (that sounded better in my head. Oh well).

This is not my episode, by the way. If you're wondering why I've only started posting about Rakista now, the shameful truth is that it's only now that I've got good internet connection. Somebody put out a torrents already so I can link to them and make up for my past non posts!

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