Monday, January 08, 2007

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I completely forgot to post about new stuff in my GMA Pinoy TV column.

The last one for last year was something about Up dharma Down, the band that has taken 2006 by storma nd whose music no one can pin down, even after most of a year. Here's an exerpt:

Here’s the unused portion of my Anthem interview on the band. The mag gave me permission to use it. Anthem is free and can be found in bars, restos, bookstores and shops.

How does it feel to be UdD now?

Armi: Honestly, it’s very hectic. There’s a lot of pressure going on, to be quite honest. They’re expecting a good follow-up and the sophomore album is always a threat to any band’s career. It’s a lot of pressure but it’s good. We’re enjoying everything. We didn’t even expect that this would happen so soon. We’ve only been together for two years.

My first entry for this year was a belated account of my attending the Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di press con. Present were Ricahrd Gutierrez, Christian Bautista and Lorna Tolentino. Aside from getting to introduce myself to Christian (I inteviewed him via e-mail for Gusto once), it was aso fun to hear the stars speak Chinese and to get their insight on the culture. Here's an exerpt:

Someone else asked the two boys what they would do if they fell in love with a Chinese girl whose family didn’t approve of them (the premise of the movie). Both gave really dreamy answers.

Richard’s was very romantic, while Christian’s was very pragmatic -- so pragmatic he could pass for Chinese! Just kidding!

Richard said, “I would go all the way to Beijing for her. Kung talagang mahal mo yung tao, kahit ano, gagawin mo para sa kanya. Kung talagang mahal ko yung tao, ipaglalaban ko siya.”

Christian said, “Medyo mahirap yung sitwasyon kung buong pamilya may ayaw sa ‘yo. Siguro iisipin ko ano ba ang mas malaking masisira ko; kung mamahalin ko siya tapos aalis kami tapos maiinis yung pamilya niya sa kanya. Mas malaki ba ang mawawala nun keysa sa Narealize ko na kahit mahal namin ang isa’t isa, kami na lang ang mag hiwalay para masaya ang pamilya. Buti na lang, di ko p naexperience yun. Siguro gagawin ko muna ang lahat para makumbinsi ang pamilya na we can make this work. Lahat-lahat, meaning magpapa-inject pa ako ng Chinese blood. Pero personally, kung lahat, nagawa ko, pero di pa nila naaccept yun, siguro I will let her go… kasi for me, mas importante ang pamilya talaga.”

Read the whole of both column entries at . I also recently found out that I'm a featured blogger on . I was actually offered a column there but I had to decline as I have te Pinoy TV one already, which readers can find on the site anyway.

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