Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sharon C

I took my mother and her friends to see |Sharon today (thanks a bunch,
Crissy! I loves ya! ). I feel particularly proud to be able to do this because if there's anything I've learned about my mother, it's that she's a die-hard Sharonian. She has admitted to rescheduling whole family trips around the opening of Sharon's movies.

She also says that there's only one Sharon movie that she hasn;t seen, whose title escapes her at the moment because, well, she hasn't seen it.

I guess my taking her to see Sharon's show makes up for my not getting any honors
or not being the prom queen groing up. My mom's probably thining: 'So what if my
daughter spent most of her life failing math? She took me to see Sharon!

It was a fun episode. They guested stand-up comedians who came as famous personalities. There was Manny Poohquiao, as Manny Pacquiao, John Santos as Mayor Vilma Santos (I must confess, there's a deep dark part of me that loves Ate Vi. And Lovely Ness, too. And no, I'm not ashamed to admit it!), and Tessie Tomas (Now there's another person who's a joy to interview) as Imelda Marcos. If you've seenthe episode, you know it's a good one, and not just because the camera kept
panning over our faces.

After the show, we went to Something Fishy in Eastwood City. We got there at
11pm, so we had to wait an hour to make it to the breakfast buffet. The buffet wasn't bad, especially since it cost less than a hundred per head. It had garlic rice, 2 kinds of adobo, tocino, longganisa, scrambled eggs (mushy -- just the way I like them!), pancakes, arroz caldo, beef mami, palitaw, plus a few dishes that I've forgotten. Unfortunately, I was too sleepy and too sick (I'm still coughing like it's terminal -- I was like that before I left. Joselle can testify!) to enjoy it. I've discovered this about my mother: she gets real mad when I sleep late, even if I'm not sleepy or can't sleep. It's completely ok, however, if she keeps me up all night, no matter how sleepy or sick I am. I didn't really complain -- I wanted her to enjoy the night, plus, I can use this event for ammo the next time I stay up.

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