Monday, January 08, 2007

On Gio Alvarez and Ely Buendia

Jaemark just wandred by saying that Pupil frontman and ex-Eraserhead Ely Buendia has just suffered a heart attack and is now in the ICU! This calls for an emoticon! :o I love the Eraserheads! This can't be happening! Granted, they've been broken up for a while now but it was always pleasant to know that we had legends in our midst. Besides, Ely's too young to have a heart attack!

Later, Jaemark wandered by again and said, "Di ba palaging siansabi ni Ely na 'bakit niyo kami ginagawan ng tribute e di pa kami patay?'" This calls for another emoticon. :P

In otehr news, I found out that Gio Alvarez is back in showbiz! I'm embarassed to say this but I had a slight crush on him circa Pare Ko.

What can I say? I have a thing for noids. Unfortunately, you can play the noid card for only so long. Young noids are cute. Older ones aren't -- unlest they're millionaires. Wahahahaha! :D

The best of luck to Gio! I hope to meet him someday and have my picture taken with him, the same way I had my pidture taken with Jao Mapa on the set of Super Noypi.

Funny how I wouldn't watch Ang TV when I was younger but now want to have my pictures taken will all its stars now, if only because they defined a generation. Hey, it was baduy and I studied in an exclusive all-girls school. I have since learned the error of my -- and the entire exclusive all-girls school's -- ways. Da-n you Sister -----, Da-n youuuuu!

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herb said...

ahahaha... closet fan! though i watched some Ang TV, i can never learn all their names... weird.