Friday, January 19, 2007

A Week of Dinners

This week, being my last week in my current job, and as a full time media mercenary, is packed with social meetings. This is in anticipation of my new job in the corporate world, where I will (gasp!) have fixed hours and (double gasp!!) be banned from wearing flip flops to the office. I also will not be able to eat breakfast at my leisure ever again.

My schedule went thus:

Met Crissy and Mae in Gateway at 8, then rushed to Greens just off Morato where Iris was holding her despidida party. Iris' thing also started at 8, which made me feel like a character in a sitcom, but I managed to get there before ten. Greens has got to be the most filling vegetarian restaurant I've ever been to. Or maybe my stomach got smaller.

Met Leah and her friend's boyfriend Lizard at The Promenade for a business consultation, but not before snacking on Shrimp Puffs and Hakaw at the nearby Won Ton, first. I just found out that the reso is run by the same person who set up Chopstix, so I've become an addict. Plus, I really, really love their iced tea. I took the normally finicky Luis to eat there once and he loved the food as well. This is good because it means we're going back. Yay!

Took Andrea, who I haven't seen in ages, to Snackaroo in Judge Jimenez corner Kamuning. Andrea is the third person I've converted, if you count Anson Yu (the food writer), who I duggested the place to, even though I'd never been there, for a resto review. Back then, I had always wanted to eat there but didn't know where it was, so I needed someone to locate it for me. Needless to say, Anson found it. I've also dragged Maxi, my sometime partner in crime, there on one of my late night steak cravings, and he too, loved it, even though he ordered the bangus. Yes, my mission in life is to take everone to Snackaroo.

Jayvee texted to say that he posted my review of the Motorola 1200, aka the Motoming on Cellphone 9, his cellphone blog. Read it here.

Managed to exorcise some demons during breakfast with Nats and Leah. Today was the day I found out that I can't eat as much as I used to, having lasted *only* three rounds at the breakfast buffet. I hang my head in shame. If you were to tell my younger self that I would only be eating three rounds at a breakfast buffet, she would have laughed and called you a liar. But it's true. I will never look at buffets the same way again. *cries anime tears* One day, I sahll write an article about the evolution of breakfast buffets. Hopefully, it will be so good it will win a competition -- and the prize will be free breakfast. :D

On a happier note, I managed to see Luis today *squee! squee!* . Still no hamster, though.


herb said...

you're gonna work for a company?!?

Gloss Girl said...


I miss you! I'm going to be based in Ortigas now, in collared shirts and office shoes. am hopiong to be able to get away with sneakers, though.

stinkyturtle said...

Wow! Even though you sold out to the evil corporate overlords, can you still take us out for some good eats?

Gloss Girl said...

Sure, if I knew wo you were. Otherwise, it's mace in te face for you!

Library-jitsu and other tales said...

ah, well it's hard to get a hold of you. so please take us out to eat when we get to PI.