Friday, July 27, 2007

Mowdel Akesh, Kuno

Luis and I were at the Summit Studios yesterday for a pictorial for Preview. Naks! Feeling mowdel ang lola! Well, not really because we didn't know what to do in front of the camera. Birthday ng lolo mo kahapon so the Preview & HG peeps had cake for him. Isha's idea pero si Yvonne bumili. What a sweet bunch! It was a sinful, saturated chocolate thing called Dementia from Luscious bakeshop and it really does live up to its name. One bite and you'll want to die. It's that good.

I Have Great Skin!

We were made up by Gela of L'Oreal, who complimented me on my skin. She said my skin was nice and smooth and really easy to apply makeup on. Now this is a really, really big thing for me because I'm really insecure about my skin. A billion blotchy, pimple-filled years can do that to you. After years of slathering on creams and make-up, my beauty regimen is now at its simplest. So it's cool and sort of ironic that I would be praised for my skin now -- and by a make-up artist no less! When she asked if I was using anything, I said, well, all I do is wash my face with Cetaphil and moisturize with Estebel moisturizer.

Estebel is a French brand that uses all natural ingredients and can only be bought through dealers. Buti na lang dealer ako! Hehe. So I gave her my card and hopefully, she trys the stuff. For anyone out there who wants to try the stuff as well, let me know. There's a whole skin care range with your name on it! :D

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