Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PGS Represent

Kenenth Yu of The Digest of Philippine Genre Stories invited me to talk to high schoolers about critical reading. So yesterday, I took a half day off and spoke in front of the Literati Club in Immaculate Conception Academy.

It was really wonderful to see so many kids interested in reading, and proud of it. When I was in high school, reading for fun automatically classified you as a nerd or a geek.

KYu's posted about it in the PGS blog, I think it's at , where there are icky candid pics of me. *cringe*

All in all, it was a good talk, with the students responding well and not throwing tomatoes. Yay!


Charles said...

Students don't use tomatoes, they throw chalk and erasers!

Glad to hear you enjoyed the talk, wish I could be there.

Gloss Girl said...

Hehe. Wonder if they would have let you in... Maybe we could have dressed you up in a wig... Or not. ;P