Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Story and an Article

My article on Pilita Corrales is in the July issue of Filipinas Magazine, so if any of you are in California, be sure to pick up a copy. This was one of the best interviews I've conducted (yes, right up there with Gary B!). Miss Corrales was intelligent and articluate and professional. She has an aura of old showbiz, one that's regal and commanding and just leaves you awestruck. In other words, she's very very different from the persona she projects on TV. I could just listen to her talk all day -- she's led an exciting life, complete with, among other things, fame, fortune, a street and a shipwreck. More importantly, she takes pride in her craft -- she's constantly updating her shows, constantly researching on ideas that her fans will love. This is something the new generation of script-fed celebs lack.

Meanwhile, a short story of mine called "Boss, Ex" is being featured in the maiden issue of Rogue. I haven't seen the magazine yet but I hear that the whole thing is a delight for the senses, as in it's been laid out lovingly, with no thought for space constraint at all. *faints* "Boss, Ex" plays on the local practice of DVD vendors selling X-rated videos, and of the universal phenomenon of wedding jitters (ok, not really universal. Apparently, all my unmarried friends can't wait to get married -- which makes me wonder if I'm on the wrong planet). I've never had anyone ask me if I wanted to buy X-rated DVDs yet so I guess they only ask guys (I wonder why?). Anyhoo, I hope you guys pick up the mag, if not for my story, then for the sensory delight it offers.

In other news, the "Y" key on my keyboard is broken, so I have to thump the ke extra hard to get it to come out. This has resulted in me sending people strange and sometimes embarrasing messages, like the time I sent an editor a message that had "stud" instead of "study." Eep!

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