Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Another Bout of Shameless Self-Promotion

Work's piling up, but I'm not complaining!

Yesterday, I interviewed the brand manager of The north face for an article for the site on Romy Garduche's ascent to Mt. Everest .

I also interviewed the organizer of the Amateur Basketball Association, a Fil-Chi basketball organization, for a feature in Tulay , Kaisa Para sa Kaunlaran 's bi-weekly news journal.

Then there are the assignments for the next issue of Burn magazine, which includes 2 features and three reviews.

Whew! And to think I'm considering adding more projects to my workload.

My piece on a day in the lives of Starstruck Batch 3 winners Marky Cielo and Jackie Rice is up .

Lastly, you can check out my column here . It'll be linked to soon, I just don't know when yet. I've posted my first piece. Let me know what you think.

If you're wondering about the sudden flurry of selfish self-promotion, it's because I've been getting requests to post about when and where something of mine gets printed. Besides, all I seem to be doing these days is write (Again, not complaining!), so it's only natural that I've got projects on my mind.

Besides, reading is good for you, and you reading my articles is good for me. So good is good for everybody, whee!!!

Sorry, that was uncalled for. Let me crawl towards my coffee now...

P.S. Thanks for helping me with this post, Ian! :)

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