Monday, April 17, 2006

The Late Bird Gets the Late Worm

Yes, yes, I could have been more punctual with my updates but inbetween work and, well, work, it's tough to keep chronicling every little thing that happens to me. Don't worry, work hasn't made me a dull girl yet, or at least I hope not. Here's what's been going on:

March 7, 2006

Luis and I were able to watch the Fearless Mixed Martial Arts competition that was held in Metrowalk along Meralco Ave. Two guys, Angie and Sir Yogie, from Fight Club (the gym I go to) were participants.

It was my first time to watch a MMA competiton. Now I want to watch more! I think that Angie and Sir Yogie's fights were the most exciting, with Sir Yogie's being the most dramatic. Angie won his while Sir Yogie, alas, had to throw in the towel because part of his upper lip was hanging loose and he was spitting blood.

Too bad, because he would have won if he had kept on. Still, saving your face (literally!) is better in the long run than winning a non-major competition.
Sir Yogie's opponent was a laugh to watch. He was deliberately leaving himself open, clowning around and trying to psyche Sir Yogie out. Even the announcer was making comments about Sir Yogie's choice of attire (spandex, anyone?). But no one can psyche-out Sir Yogie because he's the best!

I think I screamed a lot. Not as much as I did during the Backstreet Boys concert, but enough to matter.

At the risk of regressing into a deranged fan, I'm going to go ahead and say, ANG LUPIT NIYO, GUYS!

When I grow up, I want to beat up people too, just like Angie and Sir Yogie. Yeah!

March 10, 2006

The maiden issue of Burn magazine is out! I suggest you walk, no run, to the nearest newsstand, magazine shop, bookstore and get yourself a musiclicious copy.
I did a few reviews, as well as a feature on Pedicab (my favorite local band), The Bitter Pill (co-written with Luis) and of course, my ultimate guilty pleasure, the Backstreet Boys.

It's only a hundred and twenty bucks (Php 120) a pop, plus, you get a free CD filled with great music and narrated by Zach (formerly of NU). And who doesn't want a CD filled with great music and narrated by Zach?

Grabe dude, pare! You gotta, like, go get your copy na, noh!

March 16, 2006

Happy Resurrection Day! In my religion, we're not allowed to use Easter because, you know, that's PAGAN. Besides, bunnies don't lay eggs in real life, unless they're genetically modified mutants who eat babies for breakfast or like to overdose on chocolate (Incidentally, did you know that the Mandarin Deli in Gateway Mall sells Valrhona bars? maybe that's what these egg-laying bunnies overdose on).

Luis told me that I have been selected as one of the sixteen to be included in Vin Simbulan's Dragon Anthology. Yay! I only hope none of the people who read my story are loyalists lest I be pelted with shoes. You can find the list at

March 17, 2006

This is it! I've prayed for this for the longest time. I now have my very own weekly column! I can't beleive it! I'm very grateful to my editor, who must have seen something in me to give me such a responsibility. I'll post the URL when I start writing.


Kyuzo said...

congrats on the weekly column glossgirl! i'm sure you'll do good.

hey! i was there in metrowalk too! didn't the tent burn down because of the spotlights? i was more involved in the billiard games over at elbow room that night. which reminds me i gotta find out the name of the band that was playing that night.

Gloss Girl said...

Thanks! I hope you'll like it! :)

I didn't know about the tent. The octagon was set up in the open. It was funy how all these men were backstage with their phone cameras taking pictures of the models (they also had a fashion show -- maybe to balance all the tesosterone in the air).